Sunday, August 9, 2015


Ljubljana is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed my week here.  I bought a tourist card and managed to squeeze in six museums, a trip to the castle (funicular one way and tourist train back), and a boat ride before the card expired. 

Best exhibit (at the Modern Art Museum)

Things I Learned

● Its pronounced


● Romans used to hold funerals for lighting bolts. They would fence off the area where a lightening bolt struck and hold a burial ceremony to ward off evil spirits.

● A recently renovated hostel in a 19th century building sounds wonderful but someone smarter than me would have figured out that meant no air conditioning.

● That same smart person would have remembered that in many parts of the world the second floor is really the third floor.

● Just because a place has air conditioning doesn't mean they turn it on.       

                       View from the castle

Triple Bridge 
Ljubljana Open Kitchen - every Friday about 20 restaurants set up booths in the market.

Masks from the Barbarism as Torture exhibit at Ljubljana Castle

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