Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sightseeing in Valencia

We decided to skip our day trip to Gandia after several people told us it was not worth a visit. Instead we have been focusing on Valencia, particularly the old city where we are staying.  So far we've been to:
  • The central market where we had a great lunch and bought food to eat at the apartment. It is located in a wonderful old building - lots of fresh fish, fruit, and several stands with gourmet products from the area.  
  • The aquarium (biggest in Europe!), part of the Calatrava-designed Arts and Sciences Center. It is a fantastic series of themed buildings and outdoor areas. This is a cool video of jellyfish that my sister took (I added the corny music).

Apparently jellyfish are in the process of taking over the entire world. For more information, follow my soon to be published blog entitled "Jellyfish Are Taking Over the Entire World" or read this book 

                Stung! On Jelly Blooms and the Future of the Ocean, by Lisa-Ann Gershwin
  • The Toy Soldiers Museum (biggest in the world!) with over 100,000 pieces on display and 900,000 more in reserve. In addition to soldiers and battle scenes, there were figures of world leaders and some surprisingly violent dioramas. The following picture has been edited for content

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