Friday, June 27, 2014

Luggage Upgrade

Since I will be doing lots of travelling this year, I decided to upgrade my luggage.

  • Two-wheeled duffle. One of the wheels devolved into a square which made it difficult to roll.
  • Grungy backpack that I carried on the plane with all my junk stuffed in it.
  • Worn-out toiletry bag.
  • Plastic $1 coupon holder which I used to carry my documents.
  • 21" roller with four wheels in purple.
  • A set of three organizer bags, also purple.
  • Kind of tacky (but new) toiletry bag from Target.
  • This cool electronics organizer.

  • An expandable black nylon carry-on bag.  The most important feature - it is not a backpack.
  • A $2 purple plastic document envelope.
The only thing I kept is a beautiful leather passport holder/wallet which my friends gave me in 1995.

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