Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

According to the teacher calendar, summer is officially over when we start back to school so this is a wrap-up of my summer food experiences.  I will be going back to California in a couple of weeks to continue my research on Valencia oranges but in the meantime, here is the best of the summer of 2014.

Winner - Best new food

Mangonata -- mango ice cream, chili sauce, simple syrup, more chili sauce and chopped mangos. Mangonatas can be purchased in Mexican ice cream parlors -- I got this one inside the chicken place at 35th and National in Milwaukee.  I also found them for sale in Highwood, Illinois.  I plan to locate all the Mexican ice cream parlors in the upper Midwest.

Mangonata with tamarind straw

Winner - Best food to take back to Milwaukee on the train 

Garrett Mix (formerly known as Garrett Chicago Mix).  No further explanation needed.

Second Place - Hen House Banh Mi from Saigon Sisters
Third Place - Four cheese sandwich from Specialties

Winner - Best Breakfast near Union Station

Lou Mitchell's

I tried a bunch of different places recently but Lou Mitchell's scrambled eggs in a skillet with free prunes, orange slices and Milk Duds can't be beat.


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